a workshop on video game professions dedicated to young people with Ubisoft and Asobo

a workshop on video game professions dedicated to young people with Ubisoft and Asobo

On Wednesday January 20, Ubisoft Bordeaux, Asobo and the Bordeaux Games association are organizing a workshop to introduce middle school and high school students to the video game professions. A 100% digital workshop, due to the health context

It is one of the few industries that is doing well and developing in this period of health crisis.

Purchases of digital games jumped 183% in March and December 2020. The market is boosted by the Covid-19 and the arrival of new consoles, such as the Playstation 5. 49% of French people say they regularly play video games , nearly half of whom are women.

A sector, which weighs 5 billion euros

In France, video games now represent nearly 5 billion euros, according to the latest figures released by Sell, the Syndicate of publishers of leisure software. It employs a little over 5,000 professionals in 1,130 companies.

France is the second most attractive country in the world in the world of video games, behind the United States.

A sector that hires young people

The booming sector now recruits nearly 1,000 people per year. Of which 75% on permanent contracts. In particular in Bordeaux, which is one of the top four French regions in video games, concentrates a little over 10% of French jobs in the environment.

These are mainly SMEs, young: 54% of them are under 5 years old. The needs for technical profiles are all the more important as virtual reality and augmented reality, but also e-sport are on the rise.

Concretely, the most sought-after professions are computer programmers and developers, specialists in 2D and 3D animation. But the business also needs marketing professionals, community managers and data analysts.

A discovery workshop for middle and high school students

To introduce these professions to middle and high school students, Ubisoft (French number one in video games which now has a studio in Bordeaux), Asobo and the Bordeaux Games association, are organizing a workshop on Wednesday January 20 at 2:30 p.m.

Called Start, it will be 100% online in terms of the health context this year, but will allow video discussions with industry professionals.

To do this, you have to go to the Studio Renegade Twitch channel. It is strongly recommended that you register for this Evenbrite event. But, the number of places is unlimited.

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