Bordeaux-based Addinsoft ready to become the European leader in applied math software

Bordeaux-based Addinsoft ready to become the European leader in applied math software

By Nicolas César

This company has developed cutting-edge statistical software solutions, which help to make the “right” strategic decisions. They have conquered large groups all over the world. Its growth is impressive

He is a recruit of choice for Addinsoft, which shows that the company, founded in 2002 in Bordeaux, is preparing to change scale.

Its new general manager since March is Antoine Jeanjean, 38, one of the four founders of the fintech, French leader in the recovery, repackaging and resale of refurbished mobiles, who has managed to raise 50 million dollars. euros two years ago.

This high-flying computer scientist, who did his doctorate at Polytechnique, joins a booming company with 29 employees, posting 2.8 million euros in turnover. Before Covid-19, the company expected 20% growth in 2020. Despite the pandemic, this will be double-digit growth, of the order of 12%.

“I wanted to return to my core business, software, in a 100% technological company. And, the power of Addinsoft is to appear in the top 5 worldwide for statistical software. I was also won over. by the quality of the team, which has strong skills, but remains humble, keeps its feet on the ground. And, with the CEO, Thierry Fahmy, we have a strong complementarity “, he justifies.

Strong growth thanks to its flagship software, XLSTAT, which analyzes data down to the smallest detail in order to activate the right levers in terms of business, R&D and marketing.

Every day more than 600 people download XLSTAT, which works with Microsoft Excel on Windows, Mac and in the browser under Google Sheets. The user community exceeds 100,000 members. They are spread over more than 120 countries, from Singapore to Costa Rica via Norway and South Africa.

Many of their clients are universities, researchers, students, but also large groups: Netflix, Google, Facebook, Mondelez, Danone …

From now on, the company, whose head office is in Bordeaux, has a subsidiary in the United States and offices in Japan. For a few months now, it has also covered the America zone, also from Mexico.

“We plan to install a new branch in Asia in 2021”, reveals Thierry Fahmy, its CEO, who believes that the competition is mainly American.

Its ambition is to quickly become the European leader in applied mathematics software. “This requires the creation of complementary software”, adds Antoine Jeanjean, who has just launched a tool for visualizing scientific data in its own right. A software endowed with artificial intelligence, “accessible in price and in operation”.

In the same sense, a partnership was signed with the French LocalSolver for operational research (optimization of decision-making processes) and with the Belgian Vose for the risk calculation.

All these developments have led Addinsoft to recruit nearly 10 new employees since the start of the year. And, “we are still looking for a senior javascript developer by the end of the year”, specifies Thierry Fahmy.

It must be said that Addinsoft’s future looks bright despite the economic crisis. The company is targeting 5 million euros in turnover within three years, which will generate new hires.

A success which is the fruit of the great perseverance of its founder, Thierry Fahmy. He started the development of XLSTAT in 1993 while still a Masters student at AgroParisTech and the University of California at Berkeley. He then continued his development during his doctorate in statistics.

But, before launching his software, Thierry Fahmy first acquired a solid experience as a data mining consultant at IBM and piloted several projects in the world of software and the Internet.

Altruistic, this entrepreneur decided to put his experience at the service of others and the ecosystem. In this sense, in 2017 he created an association “Bordeaux data science”, which brings together players in the sector and attracted nearly 1,000 people through his conferences.

“We started from the observation that it is difficult to recruit data scientists today and that local companies lack notoriety with potential customers or young engineers,” he explains. A structure now under the aegis of the Digital Aquitaine center of excellence.

An altruism and an attachment to the Bordeaux ecosystem which explains why this entrepreneur has not yielded to the foreign sirens who have offered to buy his company in recent years.

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