Bordeaux Héméra will increase the number of places dedicated to entrepreneurs in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Bordeaux Héméra will increase the number of places dedicated to entrepreneurs in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Building on the success of the reconversion of the former Marie Brizard factory in Bordeaux, this start-up accelerator, which combines coworking, events and cafes in its places, wants to weave its web in the region. Its president explains his strategy to “South West”

On March 28, 2019, the start-up accelerator, Hemera (in homage to the Greek goddess symbol of awakening), inaugurated its “Hall”, an atypical place of 1,900 m², with 200 workstations, distributed on three floors. With open space offices, but also closed, catering areas but also to host events.

An exemplary transformation of a former historic Marie Brizard alcohol bottling site in the center of Bordeaux.

One of the biggest coworking players in Bordeaux

And, a remarkable entry into the booming world of coworking. Bordeaux then had 60 coworking spaces, and it is one of the largest in the city.

What opened “the appetite” of the founders of Hemera, namely Julien Parrou-Duboscq and his associates Benoit Droulin and Grégory Lefort, three well-known entrepreneurs on the banks of the Garonne in the middle of the “tech”.

A little over a year later, on December 30, 2020, Hemera acquired the head office of the social landlord Clairsienne in Bordeaux, i.e. 2,100 m² with 500 m² of outdoor terraces and 60 parking spaces.

With the objective of combining coworking, events and support for innovative companies in their early days, thanks to its team of 20 entrepreneur mentors. In the coming months, in April, if the work does not fall behind in terms of the health context, no less than 260 jobs will be offered.

Prices at both locations range from 80 euros for a few days per month (teleworking …) to 350 euros for a closed office.

Currently, Héméra hosts 15 start-ups and has stakes in six of them through fundraising. With to his credit, some great successes from accelerated companies: Lucine in e-health, LegalVision, specialist in online legal acts, Kazoart (marketplace of works of art for the public) …

Beautiful projects in the boxes

“We are working on projects in cities with potential. In La Rochelle, we hope to take over and transform the former central police station of the city, Place Verdun. The ambition is to set up 200 jobs in the building, to attract national digital companies and install a commercial sign at the foot of the building on the concept of sports recycling. But also a café in the interior courtyard of the building, a place of events and activities all year round “, unveils Julien Parrou-Duboscq, president of Héméra.

In addition, “we have other projects in sight in Limoges, Dax … in city centers”, he adds.

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