How Can You Buy LOL Smurf?

How Can You Buy Lol Smurf

As you know having a lol account involves numerous benefits. In the present league of legends, players purchase or create a smurf account to have the option to play ranked games.

When you decide to buy lol smurf, the first question arises how can you buy it. So, here we will tell you some basic things you need to do while buying lol smurf.

3 Basic Steps in Buying a League of Legends Account:

Lol smurfs comprise the league of legends account. To buy the account from, there are only 3 simple steps to follow.

Select the account: Find out a reliable site and select your lol smurf account package, read the description carefully and click “buy now” and follow the prompts

Place your order:  Now you need to enter the email, where you want to receive the account details and click continue. Proceed by clicking “confirm” and pay.

Receive account details: Right after the payment, you will receive an email with all the info related to the account. Change the account email and password as soon as you get your lol smurf.

You have to be beware of scams while buying a smurf account. Always do a keen search while choosing the website to buy an account.

Things to Avoid while using LOL Smurfs:

How Can You Buy Lol Smurf

If you don’t want your smurf account to get banned, you have to consider the following things in mind.


Griefing is defined as, purposely making it harder for the rest of the players. So, you should not be griefing and be toxic otherwise, your account will be banned forever by the developers as your opponents report you.

ELO Boosting:

ELO or MMR boosting is such a practice, in which a player purposely increases the MMR or ELO on an account that they do not own, usually for profit. ELO or MMR boosting is taken seriously by the developers of the league of legends and this is a punishable crime. For the following reasons, they deal with it so harshly.

  • When a player plays on a boosted account and attempts to rank, they can not keep up with the rest of their teammates. This not only results in a poor game experience for themselves but for everybody else in the game.
  • Developers argue that the ELO boosting discredit the efforts and time that player has to put to get a higher rank. It devalues the time commitment made by many of the community.

Whether you agree with this stance or not, the fact that is punishable remains.

If you are found guilty of MMR or ELO boosting, it is subjected to one of the following punishment.

  • Two weeks of account suspension.
  • Honor drops to zero levels and is blocked for a certain period.
  • You will not receive the current season’s ranked rewards.
  • It can also be a permanent ban of the account.

So, you have to keep in mind that any toxic behavior can cause damage to your account. You should enjoy the benefits of lol smurf just by considering the mentioned things. For more


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