Madeinvote raises 1.2 million and recruits

Madeinvote raises 1.2 million and recruits

This first round of funding will allow the start-up to develop its sampling platform on social networks and to strengthen its commercial deployment.

In this uncertain period, opinion studies are flourishing in an attempt to perceive societal developments and make the right decisions.

A very competitive market in which Guillaume David launched in 2016 with Madeinvote and its marketing and opinion research solution.

Expertise, which is based on social networks

In an attempt to stand out, it harnesses the power of the Internet and social networks to capture the expectations of consumers and citizens. By constituting in real time tailor-made communities of respondents, according to precise criteria.

Its expertise is based on its ability to design tailor-made questionnaires, to precisely target an audience through its sampling solution and then to analyze the data via its platform.

Now based in Bordeaux, Madeinvote is supported by the Réseau Entreprendre and the Pépinière des Chartrons and is a member of FrenchTech Bordeaux.

“The sampling solution on social networks and display networks such as Google ads, integrated into the support process offered by Madeinvote to its customers, allows people – who traditionally do not respond to surveys – to express themselves on themes that concern them “, highlights Guillaume David, CEO of Madeinvote.

The technology developed by Madeinvote would open up the field of possibilities for targeting very specific B2B or B2C profiles, according to precise criteria (geolocation per km², centers of interest, socio-demo, intentions, etc.) which are usually very difficult to reach via traditional solutions.

The solution also makes it possible to overcome certain biases of more traditional methods, such as the remuneration of participants, while broadening the psychological profile of respondents.

Upcoming recruitments

A technology that appeals to private investors, including Chantal Baudron, Damien du Fretay (Ex PriceMinister), Franck Deshayes, Jean-Christophe Davy but also BPI France and La Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine have chosen to support the development of Madeinvote.

This made it possible to raise 1.2 million euros to cross a threshold.

Today, Madeinvote customers are city players such as Bouygues, Vinci, Ceetrus, Quartus, Apsys, Icade, Paris, Lyon, SQY who wish to involve and understand their users upstream of urban projects.

Madeinvote also deploys its know-how in image, usage & attitude studies, concept tests or purely ad hoc studies … with retailers, research institutes and advertisers (Undiz, Alan, IFOP , BVA…).

The company currently employs 9 people and will recruit six people in 2021 (junior and commercial developers, data scientist).

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