Primobox, HR dematerialization expert, is recruiting 20 people

Primobox, HR dematerialization expert, is recruiting 20 people

The Covid-19 is accelerating the activity of the company Primobox, based in Pessac (33), a specialist in the dematerialization of documents for the human resources of companies. Which leads him to hire massively and increase his capital by 4 million euros

“The health crisis has accelerated the decision-making of companies who still hesitated to dematerialize their documents and HR processes. With the generalization of teleworking and human resources services forced to work remotely, many companies have taken the plunge and adopted our solutions “, emphasizes Ludovic Partyka, founder and co-director of Primobox.

Its Demat HR platform thus makes it possible to process, distribute, dematerialize and store the documents of the “life course” of an employee in a company and therefore bring productivity gains. Each year, it processes no less than 9 million documents.

Today, Primobox has more than 450 clients in a wide variety of sectors: health, medico-social, security, retail, etc., including major regional accounts (Cultura, Polyclinique Bordeaux Nord, Maïsadour, etc.).

Double turnover in 3 years

The company employs 49 people and plans to pass the 10 million euros turnover mark within 3 years (compared to 4.5 million in 2020).

To cope with its strong growth (15 to 20% over the last three years), Primobox plans to recruit around twenty people, if only in 2021. At 40% of technical profiles (developer, etc.) in R&D, data, and as much on sales & marketing functions. The rest relates to customer care, loyalty and satisfaction.

“Today, only one in four French people receive their pay slip electronically”

In this sense, it has also just increased its capital by 4 million euros, via its historical shareholders (Société Consellior – Allan Green) and a new entrant (French family office).

For the time being, most HR documents (employment contract, information notes, IT charter, mutual information, time records, pay slips, balances of any account, etc.) are still in paper format.

“Today, only one in four French people receive their pay slip in a dematerialized manner. By 2024, they should be 4 out of 5”, highlights Ludovic Partyka.

And all the more so since the health crisis will accelerate this change.

A company that takes care of its CSR

In the eyes of Ludovic Partyka, the challenge for the coming years is to “reconcile growth (in France and internationally) and well-being at work, while keeping our values”. Growth that should go through external growth operations.

To keep its talents (average age of 35 in the company) and attract others, Primobox is part of the Entreprendre Aquitaine Network and is very committed to Bordeaux Mécènes Solidaires.

Thus, time is given to employees to participate in projects to fight against inequalities and digital and social precariousness. In addition, skills sponsorship is unlimited for the employee who wishes it.

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