The Best DDR4 Ram For Gaming In 2021

Ddr4 Ram 1


Ddr4 Ram

When we talk about DDR4 RAM, we are talking about today’s latest version of memory. The type of RAM is SRAM about which we are discussing. DDR4 stands for double data rate fourth generation. Here, double rated means a memory chip with high bandwidth. So DDR4 RAM is the abbreviation of Static double rate fourth-generation random access memory. After DDR3 (third-generation DDR RAM), DDR4 was released in 2011 by Samsung after testing a 2GB DDR4 DRAM module. And after three years, DDR4 SRAM came into the market in 2014.

Most computer technology companies used it because it has a high data transfer rate by integrating it within the system. It is a foundation for upcoming inventions in RAM and the computer technology field. Recently, the announcement made by a well-known company intel is that they are going to implement DDR4 RAM in their next future computers.


It is available in memory ranges from 4GB to 64GB. A 4GB sized RAM chip is enough for games, even for top-rated games. So you will not face any problem with PC while gaming. With the error handling technique of CRC (cyclic redundancy checks), it provides more reliability. It has increased the bandwidth rate up to 50% more than DDR3. Its latency (the time between sending a request to memory to getting a response) rate is CL17 with 260 pin dual-in-line memory modules. It utilizes at 1.05 Volts with the frequency of the maximum of 1600 MHz. With the double rate date technique, it runs incredibly in almost all of the computer brand laptops It is starting from $16 to $35, depending upon the size of RAM. Its setup is super easy. Even the user can install it by itself. 

Specifications of DDR4 SRAM:

Dimensions2.70 x 0.20 x 1.10 inches
Power consumption rate1.2V
Data rate3200 MT/s
No. of pins260
Bus Clock1600MHz
Memory Speed2400MHz


Ddr4 Ram 1

DDR3 introduced in 2007 provided a transfer rate of 800MT/s to 1600MT/s to transfer data very fastly. But DDR4 comes with a faster data transfer rate of 2133 to 3200 MT/s in 2014. As compared to DDR3, DDR4 SRAM consumes 40% less consumption rate. DDR3 operates at 1.6V of maximum while DDR4 at 1.2V. In its infrastructure, DDR4 is thicker than DDR3 a bit only. The appearance of DDR RAM has always changed and modified from DDR to DDR4. Its key notch is also at a different position. Moreover, DDR4 has 260 pins instead of DDR3 with 240 pins. Hence, it is more reliable, faster, and more popular than DDR3 RAM.


So, DDR4 proved to be a highly recommended RAM chip because of its higher performance, higher capabilities, CRC technique, and lower consumption rate. Are you going to buy DDR4 Dram, because of its low price? It might be a wrong decision because the memory with dynamic access is not as fast as the static one. Hence DDR4 RAM is the best option for your PCs with gaming purposes especially. No matter what the game is, it will provide a reliable running environment.


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