the Bordeaux nugget NP6 acquired by ChapsVision

the Bordeaux nugget NP6 acquired by ChapsVision

This company, a pioneer of e-mail campaigns, which has become one of the greatest successes of Bordeaux tech, is preparing to change dimension with its takeover by the Parisian ChapsVision

The Bordelais NP6, expert in data management and digital marketing, is bought by a solid and growing group. Created in 2019, ChapsVision already has more than 260 employees and 350 key account customers.

The company expects to achieve at constant perimeter a turnover of more than 30 million euros in 2021.

A young group with big ambitions

In two years, this is his … fourth acquisition. After a takeover bid (takeover bid) on the CRM publisher Coheris in 2019, followed by the acquisition in the retail sector in 2019 of Sparkow then that of Octipas in 2020, ChapsVision is now offering NP6, specialist in customer data platform and marketing automation.

NP6 will provide it with its expertise as a publisher-integrator and more than 400 clients in all fields of activity with renowned references such as Harmonie Mutuelle, Canal +, Boursorama, or even the Casino group.

“This new acquisition enriches the group’s offering and aims to unify customer knowledge, streamline the omnichannel customer journey, nurture relevant data-based relationship programs, with the objective of growing activity for our customers. This new coherent whole , with high added value business has no equivalent on the market “, assures Olivier Dellenbach, founder of ChapsVision and successful serial entrepreneur.

Its ambition is to become the European champion in technological support for commercial brands.

Departure of the founder of NP6

Unsurprisingly, Stéphane Zittoun, who founded NP6 in 1999, is turning the page. “I am very proud of the progress made by NP6, its teams and its customers. NP6 continues to be part of an ambitious, innovative project, up to the rich history and strong corporate culture that drive our teams, ”he says.

In 2017, NP6 took an important step by purchasing the promising Bordeaux company Ezakus, a specialist in audience targeting and prediction. A technological “brick”, key in today’s world.

This absorption leads Stéphane Zittoun, majority shareholder and Naxicap Partners, present in the capital since 2012, to sell all of their holdings.

However, NP6 preserves its identity and becomes a brand in its own right of the ChapsVision group. For Jean-Sébastien Suze, CEO of NP6, “ChapsVision is for NP6 a natural continuation at the service of our customers. A set of relevant business solutions within a leading project covering 360 ° of the need for digital customer relations”.

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