Ubiwan is surfing the boom in geolocation and is recruiting

Ubiwan is surfing the boom in geolocation and is recruiting

By Nicolas César

Specialist in the management of automobile fleets and professional vehicles for construction, industry, services, leisure, this company is growing strongly. Because, its activity generates savings, increases productivity and reduces CO2 emissions …

“Our job is to improve the efficiency of the management of professional vehicles and machines, thanks to geolocation tools. Our strength lies in adapting our software to the tailor-made needs of our customers. “, explains David Babin, president of Ubiwan.

The company currently manages 7,500 vehicles and machines in France and abroad for more than 300 companies (Engie, Renault, etc.). In particular, the 850 Sarrion transport trucks in La Rochelle, but also the fleet of the Cassous construction group or the social landlord Aquitanis.

To expand its market, it has also created an offer dedicated to very small businesses.

Its business is growing strongly. Its turnover increased by 80% compared to 2018. It is still “only” 1.2 million euros. But, “our activity should double in one year and we are targeting 5 million euros in turnover within 3 to 5 years,” he announces.

It must be said that better managing your fleet of professional vehicles makes it possible to save fuel, improve productivity, while reducing C02 emissions. With returns on investment (ROI) of up to 149%!

However, these geolocation tools are not easy to get accepted in the company. “We must avoid giving the feeling of monitoring employees. This often involves changes in the way staff are managed,” admits the entrepreneur.

A sign of confidence in the future of the company, Ubiwan moved from Latresne (33) to large premises of 350 m² in Bordeaux, in the station business district.

Booming, Ubiwan now employs 18 people. The Covid-19 has not had too much of an impact on its activity, nor its dynamics. On the contrary, the company has recruited 5 people since June 1, in marketing, customer relations and sales.

And, she still hires 5 people. Three IT engineers: an embedded systems developer (junior accepted), a C ++ backend developer (2 to 5 years experience required), a ReactJS developer. But also two sales representatives, one based in Bordeaux and another in Toulouse.

David Babin’s journey is astonishing. A former aeronautical mechanic, he has successfully converted to digital. The fruit of great perseverance.

Because his company, founded in 1991 (which was then called DMIC), is no longer a start-up. Over the years, she has been able to change her business model several times to continue.

Originally, the company designed software for large groups, Sanofi, Thalys (train control) and communities (Gironde Departmental Council for the management of personalized autonomy allowance).

But, “from the end of the 90s, we were interested in the question of mobility. At a time, when the smartphone and connected objects did not exist. We were pioneers”, underlines David Babin.

The explosion of connected objects in our lives is now playing in its favor. But, it took him almost 20 years to reap the fruits of his “vision”.

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